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Snowflake Pallet Sign

It’s been a little bit since I have posted on here. First we were busy with filling orders for the business and then it was time to spend Christmas with our family. Now we are stuck at home with Covid. Thankfully, we both have been vaccinated and have received our boosters so our symptoms are minimal. We still are required to isolate for 5 days though and that is proving to be boring! I cleaned my craft room and have been working on crafts to do live and post here. Thankfully, I have a plethora of supplies on hand thanks to my supply hoarding. 🙂

Supplies needed

  • Pallet board – any surface will work, I happened to have a pallet board on hand
  • Felt snowflakes – I purchased these at the Dollar Tree
  • Scrabble Letters
  • Fabric
  • Paint
  • Hot Glue

First I painted the pallet board black and once dry, I took a sanding block to it and roughed it up a bit. You all know how much I love the distressed look. I did this so the snowflakes would really pop. Then I painted the felt snowflakes with an extreme glitter paint. It is basically a white or clear paint with glitter. Yes, I could have just used Mod Podge and glitter but this will not shed glitter. It’s very subtle but really changes the look of the snowflakes.

Time to put it all together

First, I placed the snowflakes and fabric to make sure everything fit. Once they were positioned, I glued them down. I then placed the scrabble letters to spell out “Let it Snow” and glued those down as well. I then added a cute little bow to just punch it up a bit! That is it! I love how it turned out. Now it’s time to enjoy this little sign all winter long.

Happy crafting!


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