Kathy Creates Uncategorized Wood Gnome Craft Kit

Wood Gnome Craft Kit

Do you love Gnomes or know someone that does? Then this craft kit is for you! It comes with all the wood pieces to make this adorable little Gnome. You can either paint it, use scrapbook paper or a combination of both. Let’s get started!

Supplies you will need:

  • Kathy Creates Gnome Craft Kit
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Mod Podge
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Scissors

Your craft kit will come with 5 wood pieces. The body of the gnome, the beard, the hat, the nose (large oval) and the hats pom pom (small oval).

Start by painting the body of the gnome. You will notice at the bottom of the body there are lines etched into the wood to show you where the feet are. I painted the feet black. Above the feet I painted the body yellow. Notice from the pictures below, I did not paint the whole body. There is no need to paint the top, the hat will cover that portion. I painted the hat the same color as the body, in this case, yellow. I painted the beard white and once dry I added a little light gray in light strokes to give the beard a little definition. I painted the nose tan and the pom pom white. Once the hat was dry, I painted white polka dots on it. If you choose to use scrapbook paper, simply trace the piece on the scrapbook paper, cut it out, add Mod Podge on to the wood and lay your scrapbook paper on top. Smooth it down and sand the edges for a finished look. I have done both ways as you can see from the cover photo. I used buffalo plaid scrapbook paper for the hat and the backer board I put it on.

Assembling the Gnome

Each piece of the gnome has an adhesive backing. Simple rub the back to make sure it is stuck well and then gently peal the backing off. Start with the hat and line it up with the body and press down. Next, apply the beard, nose and pom pom.

Now your gnome is ready to adorn any sign/surface you choose. There is adhesive back on the body as well so if you can easily adhere it to any surface. The possibilities are endless on how to decorate these little guys. You can purchase your own by clicking the “Shop Now” button below.

Happy crafting!


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